About US

Originally from Europe, RC cars became commercially available in the United States in 1964. It wasn’t until the 1984 that the RC10 was first introduced by Associated Electronics. This was also my very first “serious” RC car with which I built and competed with in local races in Scottsdale, Arizona. This car sparked my first real interest in vehicles in general which also led to passion for the Porsche 911. It is my hope that this site can help introduce the world of R.C. car racing as it is practiced in Japan, to the rest of the world.

You may think R.C. racing is the same all over but each country has its own approach to car design and track etiquette. If you need proof, check any one of three books by Masami Hirosaka, the world’s greatest R.C. racer. With our fingers in the U.S., Japan and Taiwan race scene we hope to keep fresh content for you to learn and enjoy on a regular basis.